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Take your place in the World Space Community


World Space Club is a club that is run by teenagers for teenagers, but is supported by some of the biggest names in space.

World Space Club is completely free to join and use.

Join us today, and take your place in the world space community.

WSC creates a global hub where young people with a passion for space can connect with like-minded students.


Join us to learn, share ideas, find mentors, develop your potential, and take part in interesting collaborations, competitions and  events with members across the globe..


Our active  members are students aged nineteen or under.


We also welcome  teachers, parents, and space professionals  to register as Friends of WSC


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Participate in 2022/2023


Global Space Art Competition

The Artemis Files: Monthly Schools Challenge

Become a WSC Artemis Ambassador

Space Masterclass Series

Education : Our Mission

We want to see  NASA's Artemis Program become as familiar as Harry Potter to students across the planet. Schools, students and groups can sign up to receive our free Artemis Files education pack.

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2022/2023 Collaborations


We’re delighted to announce that we are finally able to resume our normal club activities 


 Future collaborations and opportunities

to get involved will be posted on Twitter and Instagram  


This club was started because we believe... YOU'RE NEVER TOO YOUNG FOR SPACE.  When he was seven years old our founding member met his hero, Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, for the first time. Buzz phoned his parents and offered him guidance and support, and has continued to encourage and inspire him with his amazing vision and drive to get humans to Mars. 


Today World Space Club invites young people all around the world to share this vision and become part of a global family of young space enthusiasts, supporting and encouraging each other, as our generation strives to push forward with space exploration, and make the human race a multiplanetary species.

Join us today, and take your place in the world space community.

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