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Space Masterclass Series

Are you passionate about space? As you're here, you probably are!

One of the major ideas behind World Space Club is that teenagers who are passionate about space can get supported, and given the opportunity to study and learn at their own pace and at their own level, whatever age they are, and wherever they are on the planet.

So we've asked some of our awesome friends in the space industry if they will help us make courses and workshops that cover space and STEM subjects that we can't find courses or videos for anywhere else.

For all you future space engineers out there, why not check out our advanced rocket propulsion masterclass featuring Alan Bond (Daedalus, HOTOL, SABRE, and Skylon). Recorded over several months, Alan guided us through the classic textbook - Rocket Propulsion Elements by George P. Sutton and Oscar Biblarz - chapter by chapter, and discussed some of the projects he has been involved with, like Daedalus and Skylon.  And of course… all our courses are completely free!

If rocket propulsion isn't your thing, don't worry - we've got lots of other subjects coming up soon, from a variety of awesome space experts!


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